The Context of My Career

I recently had to write a Narrative CV for the first time, which I struggled with. I understand why they exist, I suppose, but it’s just another genre of application writing that early career academics have to find time to learn in an already overcrowded set of expectations for progression. This is not a post […]

Survey for Hellenic Polytheists!

Survey for Hellenic Polytheists I am an Ancient Greek historian – which you very likely know if you are here. I study people who have been dead for a very long time, and so I haven’t had a lot of experience with studying people who are alive. And yet, here we are. I have just […]

One Year…

One year ago today, on Little’s second birthday, I interviewed, was offered, and accepted the job I have had for the last year at King’s. Even though I’ve already started a new job, I wanted to reflect on the last year. Interview day My position at King’s was something new for me; moving from Ancient […]

Government Attack on ‘Low Value’ Degrees

Today I channeled my rage into writing to both Professor Shitij Kapur, the President and Principal of King’s College London (my current employer) and Professor Evelyn Welsh, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Bristol (my future employer). I wrote them essentially the same letter. Please feel free to also send your VC a letter […]

Success and Fragility

I have a job for next year, and it’s one I – sort of – interviewed for, but it’s also not one I got. I know that’s confusing, but it’s only half my story. I interviewed for a permanent job, I did not get it, but was later offered the job as a 12-month fixed-term […]

Welcome to 2023

Today was peak academia. I did some writing. I did some admin. I got some good news, and I got some not-so-good news. I had a brief disagreement with the department photocopier. Over the winter break the South Face of the Parthenon Frieze half fell off the top of my bookshelf.  I am a person […]