Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Greek Art and Archaeology

I have taught Greek art and archaeology courses at King’s College London, the University of Leicester and at the University of Cambridge (ICE), including in-person and online approaches. This has included lectures on a variety of topics related to art, archaeology, and architecture from the Bronze Age to Hellenistic Greece, and assessing a variety of coursework including essays, object analyses, and exams. Courses have included:


  • Archaic and Classical Painting

3rd year

  • Classical Art and the Body: Greek Sculpture and Its Legacy
  • Greek and Roman Art

2nd year

  • Sex and the Symposium: The Evidence of Athenian Painted Pottery
  • Art and Power in the Age of Alexander
  • The Art of Aquisition: Conquest and Collection and the Rise of Rome

1st year

  • Art and Archaeology of Greece and Rome
  • Ancient Greek Art and Archaeology
  • Ancient Greek Evidence

Ancient Greek History

I have taught core and specialist ancient Greek history at all undergraduate and taught postgraduate levels, at King’s College London, Royal Holloway, and the University of Leicester, including in-person, online, and blended approaches. This has included both large group lecturing and small group seminar teaching, module convening, designing course materials, setting and assessing a variety of coursework including essays, exams, text analyses, and object analyses, and supervising graduate teaching assistants.


  • Alexander the Great
  • Religions in Antiquity

3rd year

  • Alexander the Great
  • Ancient Greek Religion
  • Greek and Roman Slavery
  • Deconstructing Sparta

2nd year

  • Early Greece from Troy to Marathon
  • Greek History to 323BCE
  • Sparta in the Greek World
  • Ancient Slavery

1st year

  • Introduction to Ancient History (The Eastern Mediterranean and the Near and Far East c. 1200-200 BCE)
  • Introduction to Greek History

Text-based Courses

I have taught text-based Greek history and literature modules at Royal Holloway and the University of Leicester. This has included text-based workshops for groups of varying sizes, including close reading sessions and discussion sessions, setting and assessing a variety of coursework including essays and text analyses. Courses have included:

2nd year

  • Greek Historiography
  • Aeschylus’s Eumenides



  • Greek for Ancient History
  • Beginner’s Greek Club

Methods and Theory

I have taught methods and theory modules at the University of Leicester and delivered lectures on methods and theory at Royal Holloway and King’s College London.

2nd year

  • Sources, Methods, and Theory

Dissertation Supervision

I have supervised both Master’s and Undergraduate dissertations at King’s College London, Royal Holloway and the University of Leicester, including first and second marking duties. Undergraduate dissertations have included a variety of topics in ancient Greek history, art, architecture, religion, mythology, and literature.

Master’s Dissertations Supervised